Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 GT8V 2012 Our test ride review

Soon it will be time for us to say goodbye to our beloved old motorbikes for our motorcycle touring company. We have a choice of a number of bikes that we are considering. The Moto Guzzi Norge is of course one of them, in particular for us originally from Italy and now living in the UK, so an Italian or a British motorbike will have priority in our research and choice.                         

As mentioned in the video, our concern was about the  handling of such a heavy bike, because 255 kg sounds like a lot of weight to manouver. After only a few minutes of riding though, all those concerns were dissipated, with the Norge being very well balanced, and even at a very slow speed the bike showed to be easy to handle. The riding position is extremely comfortable, and for a medium sized rider like myself (5″8′ – 1.74 cm) it is perfect, as the bike seemed to be built around my body. As you can see from the side picture, the bike is quite compact, with a wheel base not longer than a sport-touring bike. The knees are well protected behind the cylinder heads, the electric adjustable windshield provides a perfect protection, and I could easily reach the ground with both feet very comfortably. As the speed increases, the bike becomes really light to manouver, but at the same time very stable on the road. We’ve been riding the Surrey Hills area and plenty of countryside lanes with bumpy corners, but the bike maintained the line chosen at the beginning without any problems. This is also due to the fantastic suspension, which together with the comfortable seat, makes you feel like you are riding whilst on your armchair. The brakes are amazing too. The Norge is equipped with 320mm four caliper Brembo floating-discs with ABS system at the front, and a 282 two piston caliper at the back.  Knowing that you can rely on such a powerful braking system, gives you a lot of confidence so that you can enjoy riding with any worry.    What more can I say, the price is pretty much in line, if not a little bit lower than the competitors.  It has got the right accessories that a touring rider needs, including the heated grips and a 12v socket. In these periods of European crisis, it is good to see that an historical brand like Moto Guzzi, can still produce such a great machine in Italy and be amongst the top of the game worldwide. Well done Moto Guzzi!

Watch the video: Moto Guzzi Norge Test Ride

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