Outdoor Weekend Ideas: Walking in a British Park – Croydon Surrey

There’s no need of going far to find
a place to spend a nice day outdoors with your family.
If you are in London or in the South East areas, you can get to East Croydon station and, with a little walk, you’ll find yourself surrounded by nature in one of Croydon’s parks.
Park Hill is the closer one you can get to. It has a botanical garden, a children’s playground, tennis and basketball courts.

Park_Hill_Croydon_Surrey_©fabulousOutdoors_IMG_0478 Hill_Park_Croydon_Surrey_©fabulousOutdoors_IMG_0492 Park_Hill_Croydon_Surrey_©fabulousOutdoors_IMG_0490 Park_Hill_Croydon_Surrey_©fabulousoutdoors_IMG_0459
There’s a nice little bar to get drinks and ice-creams, wooden benches to sit on and relax, where you can listen to the sounds of the birds.

Beautiful flowers can be seen in the botanical garden and all around the very well mantained park.

Flowers_Park_Hill_Croydon_Surrey_©fabulousOutdoors_IMG_0388 Roses_in_park_hill_Croydon_Surrey_©fabulousOutdoors_IMG_0468 Flowers_Park_Hill_Croydon_Surrey_©fabulouOutdoors_IMG_0469 Flowers_Park_Hill_Croydon_Surrey©fabulousOutdoors_IMG_0473
If you walk a little bit further, you’ll get to a bigger one which is Lloyd Park.
Lloyd Park can be also reached by car, as it has got his own car park next to the bar, the tennis courts and the children’s playground.

Loyd_Park_Croydon_Surrey_©fabulousOutdoors_IMG_0510 Lloyd_Park_Croydon_Surrey_©fabulousOutdoors_IMG_0508
This expansive park is quite big to walk, considering that you are so close to a suburban area. Together with meandering pathways to walk on, it is great for dog owners.

The park is also rich with a variety of trees, therefore a great habitat for birds and wildlife. Several variety of birds can be seen, depending on the hour of day, with the early morning a favourite moment to spot them, however we’ve been able to see them flying or hiding on the trees all through the day.

Red-Necked_Parakeets_©fabulousOutdoors_IMG_0616                                               Red-necked parakeets spotted here

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