Cycling in Italy in the style of ..Keep Brave!

A day out cycling with Paola Gianotti – Keep Brave training to beat the Women’s Guinness World Record of Cycling around the World by bicycle PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT, FOLLOW & DONATE BY CLIKING HERE: FACEBOOK LIKE: FOLLOW TWITTER:

A day out cycling with Paola Gianotti, Keep Brave is her message to all, particularly women to start cycling or to cycle more for health, for the environment and to feel better -Paola will be trying to beat the Guinness World Record of the Women’s Tour of the World by bicycle – World Bike Challenge is a venture for sport, human, social and for charity. The venture of Paola Gianotti (a non professional athlete), is to travel nearly 30,000 km, by bike, to beat the world lap record.   Biography From Eporediese (..from Ivrea, Turin, Italy), Paola is thirty two years old, who graduated in Economics and Commerce and is passionate about the outdoor world and open spaces. She is always on the go and her passion for the sport led her to practice triathlon, ski mountaineering and sub thai-boxing. She always firmly believes that sport is a time of growth and personal training, as well as a challenge of it’s own limitations. Please follow and support her adventure: DONATE BY CLICKING HERE: LIKE her FACEBOOK page:

Thanks to all!

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