Touchscreen Ski Gloves Test Review: eGlove Heliski

eGlove Heli-ski Touchscreen Ski Gloves Test – Tested & Recommended by Fabulous Ski
With the modern touchscreen technology, most people have phones, smartphones & tablets which require the touch of the screen to operate the control keys. When you go skiing, you are wearing ski gloves which makes the touchscreen operation impossible, and it is very frustrating having to take your gloves off, or if you drop a ski glove from a chairlift whilst trying to send a text message, respond to a phone call, etc.
These eGlove ski gloves are the perfect solution to that problem as they enable you to keep the gloves on while still being able to use your touchscreen smartphone.
We have tested here the Heli-Ski Pro eGlove which is a very good glove made with high grade goats leather, which brings the ultimate soft feel and warmth and with the latest in glove technology built to use your touchscreen .They are also very robust being reinforced with PU where the Ski edges would normally cause damage, good choice for ski season long, wear and tear. They also provide fast and easy exit for your thumb and forefingers to quickly undo zips and accurately use your touchscreen phone using conductive finger tips. With a leash and draw string to ensure you are set for all elements in the mountains. These are the best Ski Mitts you will ever own. Don’t compromise on your kit and feel the benefit.

• High grade goats leather
• Waterproof, windproof inner and out glove fabric
• Touchscreen conductive pads for use with all touchscreen phones and other devices
• Oversized self seal ports
• Robust PU palms
• Oversized cuffs
• Wrist leash

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