Fabulous Vegan Diet for #FatLoss, to #GetFit better #Fitness & Sport Performances – Breakfast

What to eat for breakfast as a vegan? Here’s an example:
Fabulous Vegan Diet – Breakfast
A grapefruit & orange juice followed by porridge oats with bananas & dates poured onto a mixed fruit salad.
This is a quite rich breakfast of about 1000 calories, that combines simple & complex carbohydrates together with a good hydration from fruits rich in water content and fruit juice.

For an active day outdoors it’s also recommended to take dried fruits, bananas & lots of water to make sure you’ll never run out of energy and hydration.
As a vegan athlete you don’t want to restrict your daily intake of calories. It’s a way of eating where you don’t have to make the mistake of eating less like other diets.
Fruits and vegetables fill you up pretty quickly, but at the same time they’re low in calories per quantity, therefore they have to be eaten in abundance.
To make sure that you eat enough, make smoothies, juices, salads and soups, this way you’ll be able to get all the calories and the variety.
There are websites that help you quantify how many calories you’re eating, the nutritional facts of each fruit & vegetable and the recommended carbs/proteins/fats ratio.
The ratio I personally follow and recommend is the 80/10/10, being 80% of carbohydrates, 10% of proteins and 10% from natural fat.
At first it’s helpful, but after a while you realise that you can eat as much as you want, including a variety of all the nutrients needed.
If you want to find out more about the vegan diet, write in the comment section below and follow the blog to receive future articles and videos about it.

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