Cycling Tour Emilia Romagna 

We’ve cycled all the way across Italy, from Tuscany to Emilia Romagna. This is Bagno di Romagna, our final destination of the day.

It’s a lovely little town surrounded by woodland hills, very popular for the health benefits of it’s thermal waters. The Hotel Tosco Romagnolo is a family run 4**** hotel in the centre town, with it’s own thermal pool situated on the roof terrace overlooking the town.

The Hotel Tosco Romagnolo is also a Bike-Hotel, so it has all the facilities and the services that us  cyclists need.

 The territory is very hilly and that’s why it’s so appealing to the keen cyclists. See the profile here below:

As we are in Emilia Romagna Tourism, the food goes without saying, it’s another region where the pride of their local specialities together with providing a great tourists experience excels. It’s own by the Teverini family, also known as Passione Teverini, with the owner Paolo being a masterchef. The very kind lady owner came to welcome us with a delicious aperitif selection, explaining all about the food and the history of her own house, which is now the hotel.

Therefore all it was left for us to do was to rest our legs and to raise our glasses to toast today’s cycling achievements. 

Thank you for passing by and reading this post and, if you liked it, stay tuned for more to come. No matter where you are, keep your tourist-eyes open and #GetOutMore as  it’s Fabulous Outdoors 

If you’re interested in taking part in one of these fabulous cycling tours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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