A great evening in London Red Hook Crit #cycling #fixie

A great evening in London for the Red Hook Criterium cycling event for singlespeed fixie bikes. 
The event was held at the Greenwich Peninsula, just behind the O2 Arena and North Greenwich Station, so was very easy to access. Being Italian, I always love to see the good old “made in Italy” brands doing well abroad, so very pleased that Castelli is the official clothing provider of the event, with a great looking jersey collection.

A great display of Cinelli bikes too.. and I’m starting to fall in love with the simplicity of these single speed bikes, also called “fixie”.

The bicycle looks much cleaner and lighter without all wires, cables, dérailleurs, and other extra bits and pieces.

Of course not having brakes can be a bit of a worry, but it’s just a matter of getting used to it. For slowing down and braking, the rider has to slow down his/her leg rotation, position the body forward to allow the back wheel to become lighter and to eventually slide too. I recommend a good few practice sessions on a proper cycling track to familiarise with this way of riding prior to getting out on the road.

The event started towards the evening with a very exciting atmosphere, loud music and cheering crowd.

I have to say, these evening events in the city are fantastic. It’s a great opportunity to see and to understand what cycling is about.

The strong and aggressive action of Ainara Elbusto Arteaga on her way to victory

Photos of the event will be uploaded shortly on my Flickr account and a video on the Youtube channel. You’re welcome to follow @fabulouSport on Instagram/ Twitter and to LIKE Fabulous Outdoor Photography‘s page on facebook.

I saw this Airstream, and couldn’t resist capturing in HDR, the reflection of the O2 Arena on the Greenwich Peninsula.

Thanks for passing by, remember to #GetOutMore as it’s

Fabulous Outdoors! 

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