Around Viverone in Piemonte, a landscape of vineyards, lakes and more.

A view of lake Viverone looking through the vineyards of Piverone. These two towns situated at the foot of the Serra Morenica hill, have the advantage of a fantastic climate due to the all day long exposure towards the sun, and the protection from the Serra hill behind of the chilly northern winds. They therefore have optimal conditions for agriculture, specializing in wines and kiwi groves.

Lake Viverone Piemonte Serra Morenica e dintorni
Lake Viverone Piemonte Serra Morenica e dintorni
The Lago di Viverone is a lake in northern Italy. Named after the town of Viverone, lies at 230 m AMSL between the districts of Biella, Vercelli and Ivrea in the area of morainic hills known as Serra. It has an area of about 6 km2 and a maximum depth of 70 m, and a perimeter of about 10.5 km. The lake is 3,500 m long and 2,600 m wide. The southern and western parts of the lake are rich in vegetation while the north part is built-up and includes hotels, camping sites and beaches.

Ducks, mallard, coots, grebes and gulls form the major part of the fauna; angling is a popular activity with catches including common whitefish, perch, tench, pike and catfish.

Viverone is a centre for day trips and the lakeside communities of Lido, Masseria, Comuna and Anzasco have recently been connected by a boat service.
Often at times the wind coming from the nearby Aosta Valley, clears up the mist and haze offering amazing views of the mountains in the distance and beautiful sunsets reflecting in the lake.

Lago di Viverone Red Sunset Serra Morenica e dintorni by Fabulous Outdoors
Red sunset over Lago di Viverone
I love promoting this region as it is my hometown and I take pride in showing it to cyclists, walkers, horse riders and all other outdoor activities that can be easily locally practiced. It’s also very suitable for active family holidays and trips with the children. If you need any more information, dont hesitate to get in touch. Get out more, as it’s

Fabulous Outdoors


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