A Starry Sky Over The Mountains – Timelapse by Fabulous Outdoors

A clear starry night in the French Alps – A view of ‘Le Dent du Villard’ and “La Grande Casse” mountains of the Tarentaise Savoie Rhone Alpes region of France. A beautiful clear sky in April gives the opportunity to capture the stars and the deep blu sky

A clear starry night view over Le Dent du Villard and La Grande Casse Bozel Night Timelapse © Fabrizio Malisan Photography FMphotos.co.uk

A Starry Sky Over The Mountains – Timelapse by Fabrizio Malisan – Fabulous Outdoor Photography http://www.fabulousport.co.uk

A clear night in April over the French Alps. It’s a great opportunity to play out with the camera and to produce a timelapse of the stars moving in the sky.

Filmed in Bozel, Champagny en Vanoise, overlooking the mountains ” La Grande Casse ” and ” Le Dent du Villards ” situated in between the valley of Courchevel and Val Vanoise. This area is also known to the outdoors enthusiasts for it’s national park, ” Parc National de la Vanoise “, a great location to immerse yourself in nature.
Coming soon: A video tutorial in How to make a night timelapse video with a dslr camera, where you’ll see all the ” behind the scenes ” of this photography technique and tips to make timelapses in other many different ways.
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