Hiking with dogs – meet the lovely Kikka

Kikka is a lovely Australian Shepherd Dog who’s been mal treated and abandoned in the woods, but luckily she’s found our family and we’ve rescued her.

Hiking with dogs Kikka Fabulous Outdoors © FMphotos.co.uk-1703
Connecting with nature – There’s no wifi in the woods you connect with nature and enyoy your time with your best friend instead!

It took a long time to gain her trust and confidence, but now, after a couple of years, the dog is happy and loves our time outdoors exploring the beautiful Serra Morenica woodland hill in Northern Italy.

Situated in between Biella, Lake Viverone, Ivrea in Piedmont Piemonte. (Type ‘Serra Morenica’ in our search box up here on the right, you’ll see more post and our images about this beautiful woodland area and surroundings)

From abandoned to most loved dog

Life can change for the better. Give maltreated animals a chance, if you can ..rescue one too!

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