Wildlife Filming Tutorial Nature Photography Tips Fabulous Outdoors

A few tips for filming wildlife photography nature tutorial by Fabulous Outdoors https://fabulousoutdoors.wordpress.com
Trying to capture Wildlife on camera is not an easy task, however these few tips will help to make the photographer/ filmmaker’s life in conquering the challenge, a little easier.

Going out in the woods on a rainy day, as when it’s raining we increase the chances of not been spotted so easily by the animals.
The noise that the rain makes, helps to confuse the sounds of our steps in the forest. Consider to be always down wind to the animals, as they can smell us way before they hear the noises we make. Turning on your camera before entering the woods increases the chances of capturing the first moment of our surprise visit to their environment. Starting recording ..pressing the record button before approaching the woodland make sure you get some footage in your camera. With a bit of practice and experience, and knowing a location well, will get you to capture pretty good images pretty soon.
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