Mr Porter LONDON NOCTURNE 2016 Cycling Race Criterium Event @NocturneSeries by @fabulousport

presented by Fabrizio Malisan @fabulouSport
Musc by: YouTube Audio Library

The 2016 London Nocturne took place on an exciting new circuit in the heart of the City.
The course is bigger with more space for riders, spectators and attractions that made the Nocturne better than ever.
This event wes sponsored by Mr Porter – SUUNTO
Organised by @NocturneSeries
It’s an amazing event starting mid afternoon and proceeding until past 10pm.
The program included:

Pedalsure Folding Bikes Race Qualifications
Leigh Day Criterium
Santander Cycles Race
City Criterium
Mango Bikes Criterium
Concours d’Elegance
Penny Farthing Race
Pedalsure Folding Bike Race
JLT Elite Criterium Women
Mr Porter Elite Criterium Men

I love this event! A display of all types of bikes, music, food and ..lots of fun!                           If you haven’t seen it before, I recommend to come and see it next time it comes in town.   You’re welcome to follow @fabulouSport on Instgram / Twitter / YouTube

Thanks for passing by, and remember to #GetOutMore as it’s
Fabulous Outdoors

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