Croydon Cycle Race 2016 Tour Series Cycling Criterium

The Tour Series cycling event came to Croydon and by the look of things, it’s been a great success.
I particularly love these city events, I think they bring life, happiness and excitement to the town. They also show a great display and promotion of cycling, not only as a way of transport for commuting and enjoying the outdoors, but it also helps to get people and kids involved in the sport.

Croydon Cycle Race 2016 Cycling Criterium Pearl Izumi Tour Series
Alice Garner of Drops Cycling on her way to win the race

The Tour Series is a unique team-based format that has attracted hundreds of thousands of spectators to countless venues across the UK over the past five years. If you’ve attended a round before or have watched on ITV4 then you’ve got a head start on how the Pearl Izumi Tour Series works. But if you’re new to the Series, or just need a refresher, then read on to find out what all the excitement is about!
To find out more visit their website: Tour Series

Croydon Cycle Race 2016 Cycling Criterium Pearl Izumi Tour Series
The impressive speed generated out of this corner, particularly in the men’s race

Here some of the images I’ve captured during the event, more will be uploaded soon, as well as a video, so if you’re interested, you’re welcome to subscribe either to this blog, to follow @fabulouSport on Instagram / Twitter / YouTube. If you are interested or looking for a particular image from the event, you can contact me by email:

Croydon Cycle Race 2016
The podium presentation with Madison Genesis Cycling Team winners


Thank you for passing by, and remember to #GetOutMore as it’s

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