A house in the woods 


Autumnal maple leaves by a woodland cottage
Autumnal maple leaves by a woodland cottage
A little woodland cottage stands surrounded by beautiful bright autumnal colours with the red maple leaves shining from the sunset light below.                       Get out more as it’s

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Prosecco Cycling amongst the vineyards of Valdobbiadene Veneto Italy

Beautiful hills covered by row upon row on vineyards – Visit Veneto the region of the popular Prosecco di Valdobbiadene delicious sparkling wine

A great and active way of visiting and exploring this stunning region, is to particicpate in the Prosecco cycling granfondo held at the beginning of October.

Visit the event website: http://www.proseccocycling.it

Recommended Hotels in the area:
Hotel Villa Abbazia in Follina http://www.hotelabbazia.it
Hotel dei Chiostri in Follina: http://www.hoteldeichiostri.com

The Prosecco cycling is a fantastic event held in the stunning wine region of Prosecco with it’s famous italian sparkling wine renowned all over the world. It’a a great undulating route  which is perfect for both novice and expert cyclists….not too long, not too steep, just right.
Being in Italy, the food goes without saying, with a great selection of traditional local dishes to enjoy. Hospitality is a priority in this area, where you’ll find comfortable hotels and very welcoming people.
The easier way to get to this area, is to fly to Venice, then a short drive of about an hour will get you there.
To find out more you can visit the event’s website or you can also write a comment in the section here below the video.
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If you’re interested in more photography of the area and of the event, please contact: fabulouSport@gmal.com

Through a natural frame..

A lovely day out in the Surrey countryside, amongst beautiful fields and walking pathways, to stumble across this natural frame to walk through.

Followed by a fast mountain bike riding down the  trails of the Surrey hills.

There’s always plenty of fun to have and things to do outdoors..get out more, it’s 

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