Capturing moments..

Love to share the passion for the outdoors and the outdoor activities,
and what better way to do that but through the eye of a lens.                                       Depending on the context or the location, some of these photos can also be found under the name of:  ©FabulousOutdoors ©FabulouSport ©

Fabulous Outdoors Top Outdoor Blog in 2017



Having grown up in Northern Italy, surrounded by beautyful mountains and stunning landscapes, Fabrizio has developed a good eye and passion for photography.  Now he lives in Surrey UK where he loves the colours of the British countryside, the beautiful landscapes and all the wonderful and more approachable wildlife. He enjoys all aspects of photography, however cycling, skiing and travel photography are the main subjects at the moment. See also Fabrizio’s temporary website (a new website is under construction..): Fabulous Sport Photography and photo gallery on FLICKR – 500pix Instagram

If you’re looking for images of a specific event, please contact me via email at:

All of the images are available in Hi-resolution for purchase via download or print. Images can also be purchased through ALAMY PHOTO AGENCY or on FMphotos Store

Please email me for more information about purchases, both personal and commercial, and for freelance work.



To purchase a digital image, a print or a canvas, please contact me, also for freelance work.


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