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How to photograph water in motion in a river and to create that nice motion blur effect.
This is probably one of the first thing that every amateur beginner photographer or anyone moving up from a point & shoot camera to a DSLR, wants to be able and to try to do.


It’s a nice and easy practice, as well as a good excuse to spend and enjoy some time outdoors.
You just have to go by a nice river, better if it’s on the mountains as you might be able to include a beAutiful mountain scenery in your photography shot, but any river or water flowing canal will do just fine.
Take a tripod with you and, if you have it, a remote shutter button release, which is very useful to avoid having to use the self timer mode on the camera. A camera like the Canon EOS 750D would be a good choice to get started.
You can start by using the automatic settings, just to have a look at what ISO and Aperture, the camera would take that shot automatically.
Move then, if you’re using a Canon photocamera, to the TV “Time Value” mode, which enable you to set a long exposure shutter speed, and the camera sets all the other parameters automatically for you.
Then, if you’re brave enough, you can move into the “manual mode” and start the experience, and then the reward of creating a beautiful picture without much help from the camera.
Hope this video tutorial will help your DSLR photography adventure, keep practicing as practice make perfect, all the best and.. Good Luck! How to capture motion blur in photography water and making it all look smooth and silky



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