Healthy Sport Nutrition

After implementing his recent studies & research of sports nutrition, Chef and Sports Coach Fabo shares with you his sports nutrition tips and some healthy vegan recipe suggestions.
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One of the concepts is that eating FAT makes you FAT.  It seems obvious, but fat is hidden in every food we eat, and most people seem not to realise that, wondering why they get fat or they can’t lose weight. Our body needs some fat of course, which is found in fruits & vegetables, but not the cholesterol that is coming from eating animal food and that is the cause of cardio-vascular and most other diseases.
These simple recipes we’ll be showing here, are all animal free & fat free dishes, high carbs, low proteins & low fat.
80/10/10 is the carbs – proteins – fat ratio that is recommended and that it will automatically come out by eating this way, without having to calculate and weigh all your food. Eating this way will get you a slim, lean, healthier and stronger body.
A balanced vegan diet or a ‘plant-based diet’ meets many current healthy eating recommendations such as eating more fruit, vegetables, wholegrains and consuming less cholesterol and saturated fat.
Hydration is the key:  At birth, we are made mostly of water (70%).  As we get older, our water content reduces dramatically (even as low as 35%) together with eating salty, greasy foods.
As you can see in the picture below..

salty food English breakfast high fat content
salty food English breakfast high fat content

Digesting heavy meals based on meat, fish, eggs and with the addition of salt, oil and butter will take a long time, and not just hours ..days!
For an athlete, that process of digestion translates in up to 25% of energy dispersion, considering that he/she is training hard to get the best performance possible, that is something to take into serious consideration.

Fab's Vegan Cooking Recipes Fruits-and-Vegetables Healthy Food
Fab’s Vegan Cooking Recipes Fruits-and-Vegetables Healthy Foood diet nutrition

Fruit & vegetables contribute to keep our bodies well hydrated.
Balanced vegan diets are often rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fibre and can decrease the chances
of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers.
Many top level athletes that switched to a vegan diet, found their performances improved and their recovery time sensibly reduced.
Well-planned plant-based diets are suitable for all age groups and stages of life. We are not meant to eat animals nor their products, they’re not good for our health and they are the major cause of most recent deaths and diseases. Also, if we love animals, we mustn’t encourage to kill them.

*Some of the sources, research and studies can be found online. If you’re interested to know more about it, we recommend to read these books:
The 80/10/10 diet book by Dr. Doug Graham
The China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell

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  1. Thank you for your vegan cooking videos it is very inspirational. Your directions are easy to follow maybe you have some for burger of some kind I have been vegetarian for a few years and wish to be vegan only. It is hard to wrap my brain around no meat products of any kind but I lnow I can learn how to cook this way so I will continue to watch your videos. It is hard to follow some cookbooks when you don’t know what some ingredients are well anyway thank you for being you and wanting to help others.

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