The stunning Roselend Valley – Fabulous Outdoors

Located between Albertville and Bourg Saint Maurice, the Roselend Valley is a paradise for the lovers of the outdoors. The roads are nice and winding and they're surrounded by fields of natural flowers, waterfalls and flowing streams of water. In the middle of the valley sits the water dam with the stunning mountain peak overlooking... Continue Reading →

The Mountain Wildlife of the Gran Paradiso National Park – #FabulousOutdoors

Wildlife Documentary filmed at the Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso - Grand Paradis National Park - Fabulous Outdoor PhotographyFootage of the wild animals living in the mountains, including mountain goats, alpine ibex, marmots, deer..In the month of May, when the seasons are transitioning and the snow is slowly melting away, the mountains come alive. Some... Continue Reading →

It’s too hot today! St.Bernard Dog

A beautiful St.Bernard dog relaxing underneath a tree in Corvara, Dolomites mountains of Italy. The weather has been beautiful for the whole week leading up to the Maratona dles Dolomites cycling event. Very warm temperatures well over 30*C even up here in altitude, great for getting out cycling from early in the morning. 

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