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It’s always a great emotion when a wildife photographer, animal and nature lover bumps into a wild animal in the woods.. occasionally it happens. However if you want to really get into wildlife photography and capture great shots, just wandering around through the woods is not enough.
Hunting is still quite a big thing over here in Europe unfortunately and therefore the animals have become really clever to increase their chances to survive.

Deer in the field - Fabulous Outdoors

Hiding is one of their best characteristics, so you have to be really patient and to train your eyes to spot them through the vegetation.
Another thing to consider is the direction of the wind, even when it’s just a little breeze, you want to make sure you are downwind to the animals if you want to have any chance in capturing them. Their ability of detecting a human being with their smell is way more powerful than ours. If you really want to increase your chances to see animals quite closely, you need to sit still and camouflage yourself through branches and leaves or, even better, to buy appropriate camouflage clothing.

Deer in the field - Fabulous Outdoors

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The Mountain Wildlife of the Gran Paradiso National Park – #FabulousOutdoors

Wildlife Documentary filmed at the Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso – Grand Paradis National Park – Fabulous Outdoor Photography
Footage of the wild animals living in the mountains, including mountain goats, alpine ibex, marmots, deer..

Alpine Ibex at sunset in the Gran Paradiso National Pak - Fabulous Outdoors

In the month of May, when the seasons are transitioning and the snow is slowly melting away, the mountains come alive. Some of these animals have been sleeping for most of the winter, like the marmots, and start foraging for food. The alpine ibex and the mountain goats begin to moult, which is why you'll often see them scratching their fur with their horns or rubbing against trees or rocks.

Visiting the Gran Paradiso National Park is a great opportunity not only to go for a beautiful mountain hike, but also for the amazing encounters with this lovely wild creatures.

A Marmot Peeping Out Of Its Hole in the Gran Paradiso National Park - Fabulous Outdoors

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A day with the Ibex – Bouquetins of Vanoise National Park #FabulousOutdoors

On today’s photo walk we came up to Champagny Le Haut, it’s part of the Parc National de la Vanoise, so we went for a walk up the valley with the hope to get to see some wildlife. The place is known.. people say they keep spotting deer, mountain goats.. so we went up hiking and.. it’s been our lucky day, finally!  I keep promising in this videos I’m gonna show you some wildlife, and I keep wandering around in mountains and forests andI rarely get to show you anything.. but today we are in luck, there’s a group of mountain goats, or ibex how you wanna call them, just up here and I’m just filming them with this other camera.. so let’s have a look.

So, for the viewers that never seen them before, this is called the Alpine Ibex, or cabra Ibex, is also known as the Steinbock ..or Bouquetin in French. It’s a species of wildlife, a goat that lives in the mountains, in the European Alps, and this is being springtime, it’s the period when they mate, so occasionally you see them fighting, as the males fighting to get the females. This is a protected specie that lives in the Grand Paradiso National Park, in the Aosta Valley of Italy, so just on the other side of the mountain, or over this side, the Vanoise National Park, which is in the Savoie Rhone Alpes region, these two National Parks are actually connected and they’ve been created to help the IBEX to survive and to thrive.

What I found fascinating is that these animals live in the wild, and they go through tough wnters, and lack of food.. however this is a Nationa Park, so every now and again they get fe somehow, but.. it’s just fantastic to see them. Champagny Le Haut is the beginning of the Parc National de la Vanoise, and it’s in a fantastic valley quite open and just at the foot of big mountain peaks such as the Grande Motte and the Grande Casse, and there are several mountain hiking trails and cross country tracks in the winter time, a fantastic area for mountain biking.. and for the outdoor enthusiasts. That’s why I couldn’t miss to come and explore, and to have a wander around, and to show you.. and is alsa a place where the wildlife it’s protected as been a National Park. All right, so here is the end of our first trip to Champagny Le haut, which is in the Tarentaise, Rhone-Alpes, Savoie region of France, so.. maybe we’ll come back again, so.. today I’m pretty pleased as we’ve got these IBEX on camera, so finally I could show you something.. as i keep sayin.. we are in hunt for filimg wildlife.. but today we did get some.. and, so you’re welcome, if you like this video, to SUBSCRIBE to the channel, by clicking the button below.. below, and follow and hopefully I can get you to see more of this king of stuff. Remember to.. GET OUT MORE ..as it’s #FABULOUSOUTDOORS!

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Wildlife Filming Tutorial Nature Photography Tips Fabulous Outdoors

A few tips for filming wildlife photography nature tutorial by Fabulous Outdoors https://fabulousoutdoors.wordpress.com
Trying to capture Wildlife on camera is not an easy task, however these few tips will help to make the photographer/ filmmaker’s life in conquering the challenge, a little easier.

Going out in the woods on a rainy day, as when it’s raining we increase the chances of not been spotted so easily by the animals.
The noise that the rain makes, helps to confuse the sounds of our steps in the forest. Consider to be always down wind to the animals, as they can smell us way before they hear the noises we make. Turning on your camera before entering the woods increases the chances of capturing the first moment of our surprise visit to their environment. Starting recording ..pressing the record button before approaching the woodland make sure you get some footage in your camera. With a bit of practice and experience, and knowing a location well, will get you to capture pretty good images pretty soon.
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Wildlife Animals Nature Filming Tips Photography Tutorial Dslr Video Filmmaking Tutorials How to Film Capture Photograph in the woods

Here comes Spino the hedgehog 

I love wildlife..and this cute little animal came out as we were on walks in the Serra Morenica woods. It looked like he wanted to get noticed and photographed. We named it Spino.


IL riccio Spino the hedgehog
IL riccio Spino the hedgehog
Then he went for a siesta underneath a tree, so I’ve managed to film it too. Please come back shortly to watch the video, it came out in all its cutieness!

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Hiking with dogs – meet the lovely Kikka

Kikka is a lovely Australian Shepherd Dog who’s been mal treated and abandoned in the woods, but luckily she’s found our family and we’ve rescued her.

Hiking with dogs Kikka Fabulous Outdoors © FMphotos.co.uk-1703
Connecting with nature – There’s no wifi in the woods you connect with nature and enyoy your time with your best friend instead!

It took a long time to gain her trust and confidence, but now, after a couple of years, the dog is happy and loves our time outdoors exploring the beautiful Serra Morenica woodland hill in Northern Italy.

Situated in between Biella, Lake Viverone, Ivrea in Piedmont Piemonte. (Type ‘Serra Morenica’ in our search box up here on the right, you’ll see more post and our images about this beautiful woodland area and surroundings)

From abandoned to most loved dog

Life can change for the better. Give maltreated animals a chance, if you can ..rescue one too!

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The stag red deer in the park @ #ParkHill in #Croydon #Surrey

A red deer stag has found his way to a recreational park, Park Hill in Croydon to the astonishment of the local community that were using the park. For obvious security reasons, the park has now been closed while they wait for advice in what to do with this beautiful creature.

Park Hill Croydon closed for red deer stag
Park Hill Croydon closed for red deer stag


The stag red deer in the park @ Park Hill in Croydon Surrey
The stag red deer in the park @ Park Hill in Croydon Surrey

I was able to capture this photograph only towards the evening from outside the park’s gate, when the deer decided to move in the middle of the field to have a lie down. We hope that they will find the best solution without hurting this beautiful animal.

Fabulous Outdoors

To find out more, read:

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