Rose Bikes Unboxing Bicycle Test Ride Road Bike Review by @fabulousport

Rose Bikes is an online website-based cycling shop from Germany.
The philosophy of the company is to provide a great ‘value for money’ service, good quality bicycles and components at a more affordable price than the competitors.
This is a personal honest experience as a customer. The service has been fantastic, the bike’s arrived exactly within the 3 weeks from when the order was placed on the Rose-Bikes website:

The bicycles are very well packaged for delivery, in a thick padded carton box. Bike assembly is very easy, you only need to straighten the handlebars, fit the seat-post and saddle, adjust in it to your height, put the skewer in the front wheel and attach it to the front fork, add pedals ..and that’s it, you’re good to go out riding your new bike.
Cycle Your Way


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Why We Cycle – A Cycling story by #FabulousOutdoors @fabulousport

Why We Cycle – A Cycling Story by Fabulous Outdoors @fabulousport
Music: Blizzards – Riot
Cyclist and narration by Emma Francis @emma_francis_m
Location: Bozel – Pralognan la Vanoise, French Alps.
A cycling story by Fabulous Outdoors:
“We often get asked Why We Cycle?

Cycling Up Mountains at Sunset
I thought I’d never see myself on a bike..
but I gave it a try …and it’s so much more!
It’s a journey, a travel experience..and on every ride there’s a new one.
It’s what you see, and how you perceive it.. you are outdoors with nature
and you’re taking in all it’s magical beauty..
the expansive landscapes, the small towns and villages..
the smell of the trees as you cycle throgh woodlands and forests..
the stunning mountains, that seem so big and far away.. and yet so close.
It’s you and your bike, feeling part of nature..
feeling happy and alive.
Somehow it feels like all the senses of your body are awakening,
to be part of this wonderland, and you feel like there’s a big world out there
waiting for you, and your bike, to go out.. to discover it all..
and to enjoy!
LIFE.. It’s Fabulous Outdoors!


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A Taste of Marche Region  #DestinazioneMarche

Mission accomplished for the brave cyclists who participated in the Bike Long Ride Marche – London.    A long ride of 2,100 km, from the beautiful Marche region of Italy all the way to London , passing through the heart of Europe.   From Piazza del Popolo in Ascoli Piceno to the UK , waving Milan goodbye and crossing over the Alps to overcome the Simplon Pass … and then, towards the great “Avenue Verte” connecting the centre of Paris to the City of London.

Marche Bike Ride London 2016 Long Ride Rosso di Sera
Marche Bike Ride Cyclists in London at Rosso di Sera Italian Restaurant
The cyclists of Marche Bike Life are ambassadors of the Marche region, promoting it’s beautiful landscapes, the delicious local food and everything that their beautiful region has to offer to the tourists.  Mauro Fumagalli of Marche Bike Life, creator of the event, aims to promote tourism and cycle tourism in le Marche, together with Antonella Rutigliano, who talks about disability and sport, sharing her experiences and results as a Paralympic athlete, aiming to  motivate other people with physical disability to do the same.

Covent Garden London Monmouth Street Taxi Cab
You’ll find Rosso di Sera Italian Restaurant in Monmouth Street London
We participated in this promotional event, hosted and beautifully prepared by Rosso di Sera Italian Restaurant on Monmouth Street in London, who provided a delicious array of culinary excellence and delights from the Marche region. The Italian atmosphere built throughout the evening with the amazing Opera singing, performed by Villa InCanto‘s artists. 

This project was supported by the Marche Region and some of the most important public and private operators of the territory, that help to make it happen. I strongly recommend you to go for a meal at Rosso di Sera in London, and to check out Villa InCanto’s website for their upcoming events and to travel and visit the beautiful Marche region of Italy.

Marche Bike Ride London 2016 Long Ride Rosso di Sera
Marche Bike Ride London 2016 Long Ride Rosso di Sera









Marche Bike Ride London 2016 Long Ride Rosso di Sera
Marche Bike Ride London 2016 Long Ride Rosso di Sera
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Fabulous Outdoors

Marche Bike Ride London 2016 Long Ride Rosso di Sera
Marche Bike Ride London 2016 Long Ride Rosso di Sera

See the post on the Facebook Page: Bike Long Ride Marche – London

Una manifestazione di cicloturismo per promuovere la Regione Marche attraverso il ciclismo, il buon cibo ed il canto. Da Ascoli Piceno fino a Londra, 2100 Km passando da Milano e Parigi, nel cuore dell’Europa.
Una bellissima iniziativa promozionale creata ed organizzata da Marco Fumagalli di Marche Bike Life con il supporto di alcuni sponsors e delle societa’ di promozione turistica locali. Arrivati a Londra, una calorosa accoglienza preparata dai Marchigiani di Londra, presso il ristorante Rosso di Sera. L’atmosfera e’ stata implementata dalla compagnia artistica Villa InCanto con esibizioni canore dei suoi artisti di Opera.
La disponibilita’, passione e simpatia espresso dalla comunita’ marchigiana presente, ha sicuramente creato un effetto attrazione per gli Inglesi presenti, molti dei quali, ahime’ neppure conoscevano l’esistenza della Regione Marche. Mi auguro questo evento sia da esempio e sia l’inizio di una serie di manifestazioni atte a far conoscere e scoprire le regioni e localita’ italiane meno frequentate e che piu’ fanno fatica ad attirare il turismo.

Portsmouth Pearl Izumi Tour Series 2016 Cycling Criterium

The final event of the Pearl Izumi Tour Series cycling criterium was held in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Another great display and promotion of cycling together with a fantastic atmosphere.

A great circuit with very fast sections and a technical corner leading to last stretch to the finish line.

Cycling Fast Speed in Portsmouth
Cycling Fast in Portsmouth

The Tour Series is a unique team-based format that has attracted hundreds of thousands of spectators to countless venues across the UK over the past five years. If you’ve attended a round before or have watched on ITV4 then you’ve got a head start on how the Pearl Izumi Tour Series works. But if you’re new to the Series, or just need a refresher, then read on to find out what all the excitement is about!
To find out more visit their website: Tour Series

>Leaning into the corner

Here some of the images I’ve captured during the event, more will be uploaded soon, as well as a video, so if you’re interested, you’re welcome to subscribe either to this blog, to follow @fabulouSport on Instagram / Twitter / YouTube. If you are interested or looking for a particular image from the event, you can contact me by email:

A great evening in London Red Hook Crit #cycling #fixie

A great evening in London for the Red Hook Criterium cycling event for singlespeed fixie bikes. 
The event was held at the Greenwich Peninsula, just behind the O2 Arena and North Greenwich Station, so was very easy to access. Being Italian, I always love to see the good old “made in Italy” brands doing well abroad, so very pleased that Castelli is the official clothing provider of the event, with a great looking jersey collection.

A great display of Cinelli bikes too.. and I’m starting to fall in love with the simplicity of these single speed bikes, also called “fixie”.

The bicycle looks much cleaner and lighter without all wires, cables, dérailleurs, and other extra bits and pieces.

Of course not having brakes can be a bit of a worry, but it’s just a matter of getting used to it. For slowing down and braking, the rider has to slow down his/her leg rotation, position the body forward to allow the back wheel to become lighter and to eventually slide too. I recommend a good few practice sessions on a proper cycling track to familiarise with this way of riding prior to getting out on the road.

The event started towards the evening with a very exciting atmosphere, loud music and cheering crowd.

I have to say, these evening events in the city are fantastic. It’s a great opportunity to see and to understand what cycling is about.

The strong and aggressive action of Ainara Elbusto Arteaga on her way to victory

Photos of the event will be uploaded shortly on my Flickr account and a video on the Youtube channel. You’re welcome to follow @fabulouSport on Instagram/ Twitter and to LIKE Fabulous Outdoor Photography‘s page on facebook.

I saw this Airstream, and couldn’t resist capturing in HDR, the reflection of the O2 Arena on the Greenwich Peninsula.

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Cycling Tour in Tuscany

The Italian territory it’s all beautiful, stunning landscapes, beautiful cities with amazing historical places and culture, delicious food and good climate. Just some of the many reasons that make tourists loving Italy so much. For this cycling trip, we’ll be touring the hills of Tuscany, riding quiet and scenic roads. We’ve selected as a first base the Agriturismo Relais Colline San Biagio and I have to say, it’s a stunning place, as you can see from the window view here below.

It’s situated at the top of a hill overlooking the amazing surrounding landscape of vineyards, olive plantations and with Florence, Prato and Pistoia in the distance.                                      The inviting swimming pool 

 The food selection is amazing, lots of local products, homemade pasta, sauces accompanied by their delicious home produced oil and wine.

Breakfast selection:


It’s now time for us to go out cycling and explore this amazing area. Bikes are all lined up and ready to go, thank you for passing by and.. stay tuned for more images to come. #GetOutMore It’s Fabulous Outdoors 


Quadlock iPhone6 Bike Mount Cycling Kit – Outdoors product review by @fabulousport

Mobile phones have become indispensable these days, it’s impossible to stay or to go anywhere without it with you. As you go for a ride on your bicycle, you also want to have it in the unlucky event of a crash and/or for Emergency. If you are a properly kitted out road cyclist, you wear a cycling jersey with the three back pockets. It’s not always simple to reach into your back pocket of your jersey, and by doing that as you ride, it may make you swerve which can be really dangerous. Those are some of the reasons why you should consider getting yourself a mobile phone Mount to securely attach your phone to your bike’s handlebars. The Quadlock Bike Mount Kit is the best one on the market. It’s solidly built, easy to fit and holds your phone very securely to your bike. It comes with a sturdy case with the attachment for the locking mechanism on the back.

The Quadlock Bike Mount Kit is the best one on the market. It's solidly built, easy to fit and holds your phone very securely to your bike.
The Quadlock Bike Mount Kit solidly built mobile phone case.
Quadlock iPhone6 Bike Mount Kit Product Review @fabulouSport

The photo above shows it mounted on the bike’s stem which is the best place to have it, although most of us cyclists already have a navigation or speedometer device fit there.


In this case, it can be mounted on the handlebars sideways, leaving the stem position for the other device (eg. the Garmin edge 350 in the photo). The support can in fact be fitted in both ways and that’s very good option to have. Most of us cyclists alos use Strava which, in case you don’t know what it is, it’s a gps and website based program that tracks all your rides, gives you routes to follow, compares your performances with other cyclists and much more, which I highly recommend you start using too, but this is another subject.             We still use a bike specific device to get all the other data available, such as: pedalling cadence, climbing gradient, powermeter, and others. However, this is only if you are a”data maniac” like most of us have become.


Above is the Quadlock Bike Mount Kit holding the iPhone6 set with the Strava application and the Garmin Edge 350 all ready to go for a ride.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and found it useful and informative. If you have any comments or questions, you’re welcome to write them here below and remember to Subscribe & Follow on here or @fabulouSport on most Social Networking Platforms.

Happy Riding!

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Quad Lock Bike Kit (Different Styles)

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