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People often ask why we ride ..what is it about cycling that at a first look, it seems just a painful long term agony on a bicycle to get nowhere..or something like that. The fact is, it’s hard to explain. At first, it can feel quite daunting, but with patience, it becomes easier and you feel satisfied and proud of what you’ve achieved so far. After your ride, a refreshing shower, a cool drink and a bite to eat and you suddenly feel invigorated and alive, as long as you haven’t done too much of course.

Little by little, your body will do all the adjustments needed to make you perform better, stay out for longer rides and be willing to do more of it. In this short clip, I wanted to pass on some of the feelings, the sounds and the landscapes of a cyclist’s journey. It’s a short clip, part of a bigger documentary project, coming out in future episodes.

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Cycling Tour Vlog: Rosazza Valle Cervo to Oropa Sanctuary Biella Piedmont Italy @fabulousport

The Biellese region is a fabulous land for cycling, offering several quiet roads to ride. Cycling is a great way to explore and discover these beautiful landscapes of the northern Piedmont region of Italy.
In this video I’m showing you a great climb, with quite a challenging gradient, reaching about 15%, but very rewarding and panoramic.

The climb begins once passed Biella, a lovely ride up through the Valle Cervo which is a valley that feels like time has stood still. The ride is very pleasant surrounded by very beautiful characteristic houses and picturesque villages along the river. Just before you get to the town of Rosazza, there’s a left turn on a bridge, then left again towards San Giovanni and Galleria di Rosazza, the tunnel that leads to Oropa on the other side of the mountain. However, whilst you are there, I recommend you cycle all the way to the end of the Cervo Valley, to visit Rosazza and Piedicavallo, both really interesting little villages.

It’s always more exciting to cycle up a hill from one side and descend the other side, as it really feels like travelling further.

The Sanctuary of Oropa has hosted a few Giro d’Italia stage finishes. It’s a great road to climb from the town of Biella, winding it’s way up to the Sanctuary.

Cycling Tour Vlog Rosazza in Valle Cervo to Oropa Sanctuary Biella Piemonte Piedmont region of Italy by @fabulousport
Music credits: Humidity by Silent Partner

Check out the STRAVA segment from the full ride:

Cycling Loop Ivrea – Oropa via Valle Cervo

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Cycling in Italy in the style of ..Keep Brave!

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