Why We Cycle – A Cycling story by #FabulousOutdoors @fabulousport

Why We Cycle – A Cycling Story by Fabulous Outdoors @fabulousport
Music: Blizzards – Riot
Cyclist and narration by Emma Francis @emma_francis_m
Location: Bozel – Pralognan la Vanoise, French Alps.
A cycling story by Fabulous Outdoors:
“We often get asked Why We Cycle?

Cycling Up Mountains at Sunset
I thought I’d never see myself on a bike..
but I gave it a try …and it’s so much more!
It’s a journey, a travel experience..and on every ride there’s a new one.
It’s what you see, and how you perceive it.. you are outdoors with nature
and you’re taking in all it’s magical beauty..
the expansive landscapes, the small towns and villages..
the smell of the trees as you cycle throgh woodlands and forests..
the stunning mountains, that seem so big and far away.. and yet so close.
It’s you and your bike, feeling part of nature..
feeling happy and alive.
Somehow it feels like all the senses of your body are awakening,
to be part of this wonderland, and you feel like there’s a big world out there
waiting for you, and your bike, to go out.. to discover it all..
and to enjoy!
LIFE.. It’s Fabulous Outdoors!


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Nothing Like Fresh Vegetables From Your Garden..

It doesn’t matter if you’re vegetarian, vegan or meat eater.. the vegetables that you get freshly picked out of your garden are so much better. Of course, if you are vegetarian or vegan that’s even more important, you want to find the best quality veggies, as that’s your main substance, therefore having a garden to grow your own makes a big difference.
The colour, the smell, the taste.. nothing compares to it.
If you notice, wandering around in the fruit and vegetables section of a supermarket, there is no smell, you can pick up whichever and they all smell the same, or very little.
You can smell the flavours coming out of this basket of veggies just collected from the garden, from quite far, it’s amazing!
Let’s go to make a great mixed salad with it.. thanks for reading and Buon Appetito!
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Exploring the British countryside by bicycle..

Exploring The British countryside by Bicycle.

Cycling amongst a wheat field on the Surrey Hills
Cycling amongst a wheat field on the Surrey Hills

Exploring the countryside by bicycle: On a bike you get to see much more than from inside a car.

Cycling Box Hill Surrey Hills FabulousOutdoors ©FabrizioMalisanPhotography
Cycling Box Hill Surrey Hills FabulousOutdoors ©FabrizioMalisanPhotography

As you’re outdoor and travelling at a low speed, you get a full view of what’s around you, plus you exercise at the same time!

Sunset view fron the Surrey Hills
Cycling till the sunset on the Surrey Hills


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