A Taste of Marche Region  #DestinazioneMarche

Mission accomplished for the brave cyclists who participated in the Bike Long Ride Marche – London.    A long ride of 2,100 km, from the beautiful Marche region of Italy all the way to London , passing through the heart of Europe.   From Piazza del Popolo in Ascoli Piceno to the UK , waving Milan goodbye and crossing over the Alps to overcome the Simplon Pass … and then, towards the great “Avenue Verte” connecting the centre of Paris to the City of London.

Marche Bike Ride London 2016 Long Ride Rosso di Sera
Marche Bike Ride Cyclists in London at Rosso di Sera Italian Restaurant
The cyclists of Marche Bike Life are ambassadors of the Marche region, promoting it’s beautiful landscapes, the delicious local food and everything that their beautiful region has to offer to the tourists.  Mauro Fumagalli of Marche Bike Life, creator of the event, aims to promote tourism and cycle tourism in le Marche, together with Antonella Rutigliano, who talks about disability and sport, sharing her experiences and results as a Paralympic athlete, aiming to  motivate other people with physical disability to do the same.

Covent Garden London Monmouth Street Taxi Cab
You’ll find Rosso di Sera Italian Restaurant in Monmouth Street London
We participated in this promotional event, hosted and beautifully prepared by Rosso di Sera Italian Restaurant on Monmouth Street in London, who provided a delicious array of culinary excellence and delights from the Marche region. The Italian atmosphere built throughout the evening with the amazing Opera singing, performed by Villa InCanto‘s artists. 

This project was supported by the Marche Region and some of the most important public and private operators of the territory, that help to make it happen. I strongly recommend you to go for a meal at Rosso di Sera in London, and to check out Villa InCanto’s website for their upcoming events and to travel and visit the beautiful Marche region of Italy.

Marche Bike Ride London 2016 Long Ride Rosso di Sera
Marche Bike Ride London 2016 Long Ride Rosso di Sera









Marche Bike Ride London 2016 Long Ride Rosso di Sera
Marche Bike Ride London 2016 Long Ride Rosso di Sera
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Marche Bike Ride London 2016 Long Ride Rosso di Sera
Marche Bike Ride London 2016 Long Ride Rosso di Sera

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Una manifestazione di cicloturismo per promuovere la Regione Marche attraverso il ciclismo, il buon cibo ed il canto. Da Ascoli Piceno fino a Londra, 2100 Km passando da Milano e Parigi, nel cuore dell’Europa.
Una bellissima iniziativa promozionale creata ed organizzata da Marco Fumagalli di Marche Bike Life con il supporto di alcuni sponsors e delle societa’ di promozione turistica locali. Arrivati a Londra, una calorosa accoglienza preparata dai Marchigiani di Londra, presso il ristorante Rosso di Sera. L’atmosfera e’ stata implementata dalla compagnia artistica Villa InCanto con esibizioni canore dei suoi artisti di Opera.
La disponibilita’, passione e simpatia espresso dalla comunita’ marchigiana presente, ha sicuramente creato un effetto attrazione per gli Inglesi presenti, molti dei quali, ahime’ neppure conoscevano l’esistenza della Regione Marche. Mi auguro questo evento sia da esempio e sia l’inizio di una serie di manifestazioni atte a far conoscere e scoprire le regioni e localita’ italiane meno frequentate e che piu’ fanno fatica ad attirare il turismo.

How To Make A Homemade Italian Cappuccino Using A Moka Coffee Pot

How To Make A Homemade Italian Cappuccino Using A Moka Coffee Pot?

It’s pretty simple, just follow the steps shown in the video, for your perfect cappuccino.


Select your favourite coffee, or coffee beans if you have a grinder.
Fill the bottom of the moka coffee pot up to valve, try not to overfill.
Use cold water.
Don’t compress the coffee too much in the filter.
Put the pot on a low heat.
Whilst you’re waiting for the coffee to come up, heat and froth the milk.
Once the coffee has come up, give it a little stir with a tea spoon.
Pour the coffee and milk in the cup in the way that you like it, and then.. ENJOY YOUR COFFEE!

Get a Moka Coffe Pot: Bialetti Moka ExpressCoffee Maker12 cups

How To Make A Homemade Italian Cappuccino Using A Moka Coffee Pot
How To Make A Homemade Italian Cappuccino Using A Moka Coffee Pot

Produced by: Fabrizio Malisan FMphotos.co.uk
Bialetti Moka ExpressCoffee Maker12 cups

Autumnal mushrooms – Fabulous Outdoors 

The mushroom season is basically over in November but as the weather has been particularly mild all over Europe, nature gets confused whether to hibernate or to keep producing it’s gifts. 

In fact, on a walk through the woods we bumped into a few mushrooms, most of which aren’t edible, but some like these two big ones are ready to be picked and prepared into a natural and substantial meal.. maybe to accompany a polenta.


mushrooms in the woods - Fabulous Outdoors
mushrooms in the woods – Fabulous Outdoors
Any excuse to get out amongst nature rather than sitting on a couch watching TV is great and it’s very good for us all. Get out more as it’s 

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Italian coffee and cookies

It’s a Sunday morning and I love getting up to put the coffee on.. the Italian moka coffee pot of course! In a matter of minutes, you can smell the flavour of that coffe through the whole house, as the moka pot is roaring, tell you:”the coffee is ready!” 

Together with some cookies it’s a great combination to get you going in the morning.

Alternatively I like to prepare a cappuccino, so in a bigger cup and with some hot milk (soya milk for myself of course..), filling about 1/3rd of the cup with coffee and topping it up with the milk..as it shows on the image below.

And what about yourself, how do you like your home coffee..if you have some?

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Preparing food: Pasta sauce Norma

It’s a simple recipe, originally from Sicily, which includes tomato sauce and aubergines. 


I like using the Fusilli as they collect the sauce around them better than other types of pasta.

I cook it in a very simple way, without oil or butter, just chopping onions and cooking them slowly in a little bit of water. The aubergines go in next, cooking with the addition of tomato sauce, herbs and spices to taste.. Et voilá the dish is ready,

Buon Appetito!

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