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Cycling no matter what.. regardless of the weather, the rain and the cold.
The “problem” of cycling is that it’s quite addictive.. the more you do it, the more you feel like doing it.. so even if you are a fair weather rider like myself, eventually the need to go out on your bike becomes stronger than the lazy part of yourself, trying to find any excuse to stay in and relax on the couch, in front of the TV.
I make these type of videos with the aim to encourage people to get out more, to go outdoors and enjoy outdoor activities. If you are a fan of football, rugby or a favourite tv program, you can always record it and watch it when you come back after your outdoor activity. I know it may not be the same as watching it live, but as long as you don’t hear about the score of the’ll still be exciting to watch, or find the time to get outdoors before or after!!
My wife Emma, here in the video, never cycled before we met, so if anyone’s interested in this topic, I’ll produce a video explaining how I got her to this level of cycling, so that we can enjoy doing outdoor activities together as a couple. Some people maybe prefer keeping their own hobbies or sports for themselves, or maybe they’ve tried to teach their partners without success, so I’ll explain ang give a few tips in how to get your partner into cycling, learning from the beginning, first easy rides, up to a good level of skills and fitness that enables enjoying great days out on a bicycle.
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Emma’s wearing a fabulous Sportful Fiandre Light No rain Women’s jacket, which we’ve been testing on these rides and it works great. Get one from Amazon here:
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The amazing experience of cycling mountains and watching the Tour de France #TdF2017

It's one of those dreams that cyclists have, particularly after watching the mountain stages of the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia or Vuelta de España.. "One day I'll climb those mountains too!"

That's actually one of the things you can do with cycling, compared to other professional sports we watch.
If you're into cricket, you'll probably never get to play at Lord's. If you like football, you may never get to play at Wembley, but if you're into cycling then the historic roads are there and free for you to have a go and see what it feels like.

The sense of achievement you'll get when you reach the top of an historical mountain pass, is far greater than the effort you have to put in to climb it.
Most of these alpine roads have now detailed sign-posts to give cyclists an idea of what lies ahead..

..such as, distance to the top, altitude and next km average climbing gradient.
Sometimes this can give encouragement, or at other times, mental despair. What I recommend doing is to look down the valley after every switchback, to see how much you've already achieved, rather than how much further you have to go.

Taking in all the stunning scenery as you climb, will help to distract you from the effort, the mind receives positive images, whilst the legs are working hard below.

Knowing that you are starting a climb of around 20km long, try to set a riding pace that you're comfortable with, regardless of what everyone else is doing around you.

In this particular occasion, we road the French Alps to watch two Tour de France 2017 stages, from the beautiful town of Briançon.

..riding north through Serre Chevalier to get up to the Col du Lautaret and Col du Galibier to watch Stage 17.

It's fantastic watching the pro cyclists coming down these winding mountain roads at crazy speeds.

The following day, for Stage 18, we rode our bikes again from Briançon, riding south-east up to the legendary Col d'Izoard, theatre of many cycling battles.

On the way up the Izoard, through the village of Cervières, we noticed that the Team Buses were parked here rather than at the finish area.
The road to the top from this side is very beautiful. It passes through two villages, then enters a Pine forest where it becomes steeper and more winding. That was a great moment to take a breather whilst watching the Caravane du Tour passing by.

Once finally reaching the top, the view is amazing, and the Polka Dot Cap offered by Carrefour was very handy to protect from the strong rays of the sun.

The set up at the top was fantastic, live TV coverage on a big screen on one side, the podium presentation right in front, and the pro cyclists coming up from the climb on the other side.

With French rider, Warren Barguil, winning the stage, the atmosphere was electric, and with the French President Macron being there for the presentation, it was just great for the sport and for the organisation of the Grande Boucle.

Chris Froome arriving soon after, maintained his Yellow Jersey leadership, while below, Fabio Aru didn't have a good day, losing precious time for the overall classification. Anyway, it's been a good tour for the Astana young rider, he's acquired lots of experience, won a stage, wore the Yellow Jersey for a couple of days being the only rider to take it from the shoulders of the very strong Team Sky of Froome.

And it's right to say: "The winner takes it all.." Whether you like it or not (only saying this as we've heard much discord and unpleasant booing along the road or at the presentation), Chris Froome won his 4th Tour de France and so chapeau to him and to the hard work of his team mates. Landa and Nieve have played a very big role in leading and protecting their captain all along this 2017 Tour de France. Great Team Effort, Bravo!

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How To Make A Homemade Italian Cappuccino Using A Moka Coffee Pot

How To Make A Homemade Italian Cappuccino Using A Moka Coffee Pot?

It’s pretty simple, just follow the steps shown in the video, for your perfect cappuccino.


Select your favourite coffee, or coffee beans if you have a grinder.
Fill the bottom of the moka coffee pot up to valve, try not to overfill.
Use cold water.
Don’t compress the coffee too much in the filter.
Put the pot on a low heat.
Whilst you’re waiting for the coffee to come up, heat and froth the milk.
Once the coffee has come up, give it a little stir with a tea spoon.
Pour the coffee and milk in the cup in the way that you like it, and then.. ENJOY YOUR COFFEE!

Get a Moka Coffe Pot: Bialetti Moka ExpressCoffee Maker12 cups

How To Make A Homemade Italian Cappuccino Using A Moka Coffee Pot
How To Make A Homemade Italian Cappuccino Using A Moka Coffee Pot

Produced by: Fabrizio Malisan
Bialetti Moka ExpressCoffee Maker12 cups

How to create motion blur effect in the water – Photography Tutorial Tips – Fabulous Outdoors

I’ve been asked through messages from followers and amateur/beginner photographers, this question:

How to create motion blur effect in the water?
A couple of years back, I made this video in which I was explaining exactly that topic, here it is:

First of all, you need a camera that enables you to SET IT TO MANUAL
Then you need a TRIPOD or otherwise you could also put your camera on the ground or on a rock by the river.

Camera Settings Photography Tutorial Fabulous Outdoors
Camera Settings Photography Tutorial Fabulous Outdoors

After that, it all depends about the time of day, the amount of light available, the amount of blur that you want to get.. all these details are the variables that will affect how your image will come out.

You now need to set your camera to a SLOW SHUTTER SPEED, so that you allow the camera sensor to capture light for a longer period o time. In this way, that water will result blurred but everything else in the image will stay nice and sharp. If it’s a bright day, you have to consider using a FILTER so that it’ll hold the light back and you won’t end up with an over-exposed (too bright) image. With all this said, the best thing is to go out and practice, and see the results you’ll be getting. If you require more information, don’t esitate to do so by leaving a comment here below, or to contact me via the contact form/email.

Have fun with your camera, happy shooting and ..GOOD LUCK!

How to capture motion blur in the water silk effect Photography Tutorial tips by Fabrizio Malisan Fabulous Outdoors
How to capture motion blur in the water silk effect Photography Tutorial tips by Fabrizio Malisan Fabulous Outdoors

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