A beautiful place to visit: Bellagio and it’s surroundings. Lake Como Italy

The town of Bellagio is located on the tip of the inverted Y shape that’s characteristic of the Southern part of Lake Como.

Landscapes of Bellagio Lake Como, Lombardia, Italy
Como – Landscape of Bellagio Lake Como Lombardia Italy – Lecco                                                              © Fabrizio Malisan Photography

Looking North from Bellagio, you’ll see a stunning view of the lake with it’s surrounding mountains and, on the left side you have the “”Como side of the lake, on the right side the “Lecco side” of it.

Emma Bellagio Lago di Como Lake Italy-8898

Behind Bellagio there’s a winding road that climbs it’s way up to the Madonna de Ghisallo, very popular for it’s Church and for the cycling museum.

Cycing Ghisallo Sormano Lago di Como Giro d'Italia-8776

The road is known also for being part of the cycling Giro di Lombardia and this year’s Giro d’Italia 2019. Proceeding along past the Madonna del Ghisallo, the road descends into a beautiful valley that meanders it’s way to Erba (Como) or, with a sharp right turn, climbs up towards the town of Sormano.

Paola Gianotti 2019 Ricognizione Tappa 15 Ceresole Ghisallo Sormano Lago di Como Giro d'Italia-8786

Popular in the cycling world for it’s very steep climb “Il Muro di Sormano“, a 1.6 Km climb with gradients ranging from 17% to 25%, a love/hate challenge for cyclists.

Paola Gianotti 2019 Ricognizione Tappa 15 Ceresole Ghisallo Sormano Lago di Como Giro d'Italia-8803

At the top of the climb you’ll get to the “Colma di Sormano”, a popular lookout, famous for it’s Sormano Astronomical Observatory

Descending back down towards Como, the road is quite steep and winding, with great views over the lake and coming back down before reaching Como, the characteristic town  of Torno is worth a visit as it merges into the lake giving you a great point of view.

The town of Torno on Lake Como
The town of Torno on Lake Como – Fabulous Outdoors

A great way to discover this part of Lake Como is by ferry, a daily ticket allows you to get on and off the boat to go visit all the beautiful town and villages surrounding the lake, stunning gardens and villas open to the public.

Landscapes of Bellagio Lake Como, Lombardia, Italy

In Bellagio and pretty much all around the lake you’ll find great hospitality, delicious food and drink to compliment your stay, making sure that your Italian travel experience, to explore and discover Lake Como won’t disappoint your expectations.

Restaurant Terrace in Bellagio over Lake Como
Restaurant Terrace in Bellagio over Lake Como

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Landscapes of Bellagio Lake Como, Lombardia, Italy

Autumn reflection – Lakes of Italy

An autumnal view of lake Sirio in Piemonte with colourful trees reflecting in the water. 


Autumn  reflections  at Lake Sirio of Ivrea (Turin)
Autumn reflections at Lake Sirio of Ivrea (Turin)

It’s a beautiful area with five small lakes within close proximity of each other, immersed in woodlands and hills. Lovely walks all around the lakes from easy marked pathways to mountain tracks to the higher mountain peaks above. More images will be uploaded soon, in the meantime remember to

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Vintage cycling: La Canavesana d’Epoca in Albiano Piemonte Italy

On this trip, we went to La Canavesana d’Epoca, a vintage cycling event held in the Canavese area of Piemonte from which I’m proudly originally from. The route starts and ends in the beautiful town of Albiano d’Ivrea, which hosts this colourful event.

IL castello di Albiano d’Ivrea – Albiano’s castle overlooking the town

With a succession of surfaced and unsurfaced country roads, also know as “strade bianche”, La Canavesana d’Epoca takes you to explore and discover some of the beautiful characteristics of the Canavese area situated North of Turin. It’s stunning landscape made up of colourful country fields, sweeping vineyards, historical castles and beautiful lakes can be seen as you cycle along the route.

Castello di Roppolo WM Biella Panorami Piemonte Paesaggi © Fabrizio Malisan @fabulouSport  -4552
IL Castello di Roppolo

The vintage cycling fever is spreading all over the world, following on from the famous L’Eroica in Tuscany, as one of the first vintage cycling events.
We fell in love with this type of event, as they bring back a great era and atmosphere, from the clothing, to the bicycles and components. It also brings together generations of cyclists closer to that wonderful old lifestyle and cycling culture.


La Canavesana d’Epoca is also a great event to get into, if you are new to cycling, and/or to vintage cycling. It can be done as a couple, such as a travel-holiday trip, as the distances aren’t too long (55Km or 100Km), but challenging just enough a new rider and the more experienced ones too. The access to this event is fairly easy, flying to Turin Caselle airport, then a short drive of about half an hour. Milan Malpensa is the next closest airport, being at about 150 kilometers, a 90 minute motorway drive. Being in the Piemonte region, the food goes without saying, as the Canavese is also well known for its local wines and grappas, better appreciated after the event. La Canavesana d’Epoca is usually held in early June, so the weather and temperature are also most likely to be perfect for a refreshing post-ride swim in the nearby Lake Sirio of Ivrea or in the acquatic centres and pools of Lake Viverone. We really recommend you to take part in this event, as we’d like to see it grow in the future, because  we know how much this area has got to offer to all it’s visitors.
Visit: La Canavesana d’Epoca
If you’ve participated in the 2015 edition, see if you’ve been captured in our photographs by clicking here.
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