Gabel FX 75 Snake Carbon 100 Nordic Walking Trekking Trail Running Skyrunning Poles #bedifferentbegabel

Gabel FX 75 Snake Carbon 100 Nordic Walking Skyrunning Poles recommended by Fabulous Outdoors. The Gabel FX-75 Snake Carbon Poles with their 95 grams of weight are the lightest and more resistant trail running poles, nordic-walking poles, trekking poles, sky-running poles, on the market.



A great product for your outdoor activity, whether you like walking, hiking, running up and down the mountains, the FX-75 is the best companion of your adventures outdoors.                                                                        Visit the website: 

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When You’ll Find Yourself In The Middle of Nowhere..’ll might realise that..’s actually a beautiful place!

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A beautiful Autumn for mountain walks in Piemonte, Italy


View from the  top of Mombarone
View from the top of Mombarone

It’s nearly mid-November and as usual this is a particularly warm week, in fact it’s called “Estate di San Martino” (San Martino’s summer). It’s the last heat wave prior to the upcoming winter. The weather is very mild during the daytime, although come the evening and overnight, the temperature drops to low single digits.



In this article I’m showing you a beautiful easy to medium difficulty walk of about 5hrs all together. We are in the Piemonte region, 45min north of Turin airport there’s the town of Ivrea from which you can see the Serra Morenica hill with the Mombarone peak at the top. This walks can be done from several starting points, although this one showed here it starts from San Giacomo above the village of Andrate. 


Walking up Mombarone from  La Cavanna
Walking up Mombarone from La Cavanna
It’s an amazing walk full of scenery starting from woodlands that open up to a vaster, open panoramic space that overlooks the surrounding landscape below. On a day with clear, blue skies you can see as far as Turin and beyond, with all the surrounding mountain range and the highest peaks of the European Alps.
The monument at the top of Mombarone
The monument at the top of Mombarone
It’s a fantastic day out that doesn’t require a very high level of fitness and that I recommend to everyone. If you want to know more and need more information, don’t hesitate to contact: fabulouSport @ gmail com.

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