Capturing the magic #bluehour in the #mountains


There’s a time in the day that is known to the the photographers as the “Blue Hour”. It’s basically the lenght of time in between the sunset and moonrise. One of the problems you might encounter in the mountains waiting for the blue hour, is that it gets very cold and you can freeze as that it’s one of the coldest moment of the day. However, if taking stunning pictures is what you like doing, the blue hour is the best time to achieve that result.


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Mayfield Lavender Farm – Fabulous Outdoors

A visit to the beautiful Mayfield Lavender Farm in Surrey UK.
You will also find a cafe with a terrace overlooking the field, offering delights such as lavender cupcakes and a delicious lavender lemonade.
They also sell fresh lavender plants and other products derivated from this intense perfumed and colourful plant.
Bees having a loving time in the field.
..dogs too 🙂

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