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A beautiful hike in the Alpi Biellesi, the alps surrounding the town of Biella in the Piedmont region of Italy.
This is a perfect area for easy to medium hiking tours, with mountain walks ranging from 1.5 hours to 4/5 hours depending on your fitness level, age and skills. There isn’t any danger or cliffs but you can eventually find some bits of via ferrata in the area if you wish to do so.

The closest airport is Turin Caselle which is about 35km away, otherwise Milan Malpensa, which is at about 150Km east.
Accomodation can be found either in the town of Biella, Ivrea, oer even by the beautiful Lake Viverone which is at about 15Km.

Panorama Bric Paglie Serra Morenica e dintorni

If you need any more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Happy hiking to all!
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Autumn is here #FabulousOutdoors

It is for most people, the best season of the year. Particularly, for those who are in love with nature.

A walk in the woods with your dog in Autumn is a moment of active relaxation, all the colours enhance the beauty of nature.

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More images will be added soon, as Autumn has just started as I write and the colours will get better and better.

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Autumn is here ..it’s mountain bike season!

The good and warm summer weather’s lasted until mid September and then, within a couple of rainy nights and cloudy days, Autumn’s appeared. Temperature dropped by 10/15 degrees, and even more over the Alps, so that means one thing: It’s Mountain biking and Cyclocross season. 

Mountain Bike in Canavese. Piemonte Italy
Mountain Bike in Canavese. Piemonte Italy

This is a beautiful landscape and terrain for mountain biking, it’s in the Piemonte region of Italy, only a few Km north of Turín. As you travel towards the town of Ivrea, you can see the Serra Morenica hill with the Mombarone mountain peak dominating it with it’s 2250m of altitude.

A landscape view from half a way up Mombarone
A landscape view from half a way up Mombarone

In clear days from this point of view, it’s possible to see Turín and the Monviso mountain peak in the distance.

Morning sunrise on the way up Mombarone
Morning sunrise on the way up Mombarone

Mountain biking back down from Mombarone, the ride into the woodlands and trails of the Serra Morenica hill it’s very enjoyable.

Serra Morenica autumnal Mtb ride
Serra Morenica autumnal Mtb ride
In Autumn the fallen chestnut leaves and the wet pebbles can make the riding and bike handling experience quite challenging.
Serra Morenica autumn leaves on mountain bike trail
Serra Morenica autumn leaves on mountain bike trail

It’s definitely a region worth visiting for Mountain bike and Outdoor activity lovers, and I am a big fan and promoter of it. 

Mountain biking scenery from lake Sirio with Mombarone
Mountain biking scenery from lake Sirio with Mombarone

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Hiking with dogs – meet the lovely Kikka

Kikka is a lovely Australian Shepherd Dog who’s been mal treated and abandoned in the woods, but luckily she’s found our family and we’ve rescued her.

Hiking with dogs Kikka Fabulous Outdoors © FMphotos.co.uk-1703
Connecting with nature – There’s no wifi in the woods you connect with nature and enyoy your time with your best friend instead!

It took a long time to gain her trust and confidence, but now, after a couple of years, the dog is happy and loves our time outdoors exploring the beautiful Serra Morenica woodland hill in Northern Italy.

Situated in between Biella, Lake Viverone, Ivrea in Piedmont Piemonte. (Type ‘Serra Morenica’ in our search box up here on the right, you’ll see more post and our images about this beautiful woodland area and surroundings)

From abandoned to most loved dog

Life can change for the better. Give maltreated animals a chance, if you can ..rescue one too!

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Lowepro Photo Hatchback 16L AW Review


Lowepro Photo Hatchback 16L AW
It’s a great daily backpack for photographers, ideal to go for walks, cycling or any other outdoor activity, knowing that your photography equipment stays well padded and protected.

Lowepro Photo Hatchback16L AW Review Test by Fabulous Outdoors © FMphotos.co.uk

With 16 Litres of capacity, is big enough to fit a dslr camera body, a couple of lenses, spare batteries, connecting cables, memory cards, photography filters..

Lowepro Photo Hatchback16L AW Review Test by Fabulous Outdoors © FMphotos.co.uk

In the top compartment there’s room enough also for a jumper or a sandwich if need be, and on both sides there are two pockets for water bottles. There is also a deep, flat front pocket big enough  to fit a small laptop or a tablet.

Lowepro Photo Hatchback16L AW Review Test by Fabulous Outdoors © FMphotos.co.uk
Our dog Kikka is an Australian Shepherd who was abandoned in the woodlands of northern Italy, it took a while to gain her trust, but now as you can see in the video below, she follows me happily everywhere.


Filmed with Canon dslr and a combination of lenses, the Canon 50mm f/1.4 the Tokina 11-16mm and the Canon 70-200 F/4 using wide aperture to brighten the low light situation in the woods, and to keep the enphasis on the subjects filmed. I also used my favorite Manfrotto tripod to keep the images nice and steady. I hope you enjoyed the video and found it useful. For any question on the matter, you’re welcome to leave a comment in the space below. Feel free to Like, Share and Subscribe to the channel to keep informed when we produce some more videos.

Lowepro Photo Hatchback16L AW Review Test by Fabulous Outdoors © FMphotos.co.uk

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Around Viverone in Piemonte, a landscape of vineyards, lakes and more.

A view of lake Viverone looking through the vineyards of Piverone. These two towns situated at the foot of the Serra Morenica hill, have the advantage of a fantastic climate due to the all day long exposure towards the sun, and the protection from the Serra hill behind of the chilly northern winds. They therefore have optimal conditions for agriculture, specializing in wines and kiwi groves.

Lake Viverone Piemonte Serra Morenica e dintorni
Lake Viverone Piemonte Serra Morenica e dintorni
The Lago di Viverone is a lake in northern Italy. Named after the town of Viverone, lies at 230 m AMSL between the districts of Biella, Vercelli and Ivrea in the area of morainic hills known as Serra. It has an area of about 6 km2 and a maximum depth of 70 m, and a perimeter of about 10.5 km. The lake is 3,500 m long and 2,600 m wide. The southern and western parts of the lake are rich in vegetation while the north part is built-up and includes hotels, camping sites and beaches.

Ducks, mallard, coots, grebes and gulls form the major part of the fauna; angling is a popular activity with catches including common whitefish, perch, tench, pike and catfish.

Viverone is a centre for day trips and the lakeside communities of Lido, Masseria, Comuna and Anzasco have recently been connected by a boat service.
Often at times the wind coming from the nearby Aosta Valley, clears up the mist and haze offering amazing views of the mountains in the distance and beautiful sunsets reflecting in the lake.

Lago di Viverone Red Sunset Serra Morenica e dintorni by Fabulous Outdoors
Red sunset over Lago di Viverone
I love promoting this region as it is my hometown and I take pride in showing it to cyclists, walkers, horse riders and all other outdoor activities that can be easily locally practiced. It’s also very suitable for active family holidays and trips with the children. If you need any more information, dont hesitate to get in touch. Get out more, as it’s

Fabulous Outdoors

The sun sets on the “Sleeping Beauty”

We are in Piemonte Italy, north of Turin at the foot of the Alps. This region is called Canavese which is a beautiful landscape of lakes, hills and mountains that surrounds the town of Ivrea.  

Sunset on the 'Sleeping Beauty'
Sunset on the ‘Sleeping Beauty’

This mountain where the sun is setting in the photograph above, it’s called “La Bella Dormiente” (Sleeping Beauty) for it’s shape. Thank you for passing by, and remember to Get Out More as it’s 

Fabulous Outdoors 


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