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People often ask why we ride ..what is it about cycling that at a first look, it seems just a painful long term agony on a bicycle to get nowhere..or something like that. The fact is, it’s hard to explain. At first, it can feel quite daunting, but with patience, it becomes easier and you feel satisfied and proud of what you’ve achieved so far. After your ride, a refreshing shower, a cool drink and a bite to eat and you suddenly feel invigorated and alive, as long as you haven’t done too much of course.

Little by little, your body will do all the adjustments needed to make you perform better, stay out for longer rides and be willing to do more of it. In this short clip, I wanted to pass on some of the feelings, the sounds and the landscapes of a cyclist’s journey. It’s a short clip, part of a bigger documentary project, coming out in future episodes.

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Why We Cycle – A Cycling story by #FabulousOutdoors @fabulousport

Why We Cycle – A Cycling Story by Fabulous Outdoors @fabulousport
Music: Blizzards – Riot
Cyclist and narration by Emma Francis @emma_francis_m
Location: Bozel – Pralognan la Vanoise, French Alps.
A cycling story by Fabulous Outdoors:
“We often get asked Why We Cycle?

Cycling Up Mountains at Sunset
I thought I’d never see myself on a bike..
but I gave it a try …and it’s so much more!
It’s a journey, a travel experience..and on every ride there’s a new one.
It’s what you see, and how you perceive it.. you are outdoors with nature
and you’re taking in all it’s magical beauty..
the expansive landscapes, the small towns and villages..
the smell of the trees as you cycle throgh woodlands and forests..
the stunning mountains, that seem so big and far away.. and yet so close.
It’s you and your bike, feeling part of nature..
feeling happy and alive.
Somehow it feels like all the senses of your body are awakening,
to be part of this wonderland, and you feel like there’s a big world out there
waiting for you, and your bike, to go out.. to discover it all..
and to enjoy!
LIFE.. It’s Fabulous Outdoors!


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Here comes Spino the hedgehog 

I love wildlife..and this cute little animal came out as we were on walks in the Serra Morenica woods. It looked like he wanted to get noticed and photographed. We named it Spino.


IL riccio Spino the hedgehog
IL riccio Spino the hedgehog
Then he went for a siesta underneath a tree, so I’ve managed to film it too. Please come back shortly to watch the video, it came out in all its cutieness!

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Fabulous Outdoor  Walks – Gorges de Ballandaz

A short film about a lovely walk to see this beautiful waterfalls in the French Alps. The Gorges de Ballandaz are situated in the Val Vanoise of Savoie.

Gorges de Ballandaz WM Val Vanoise Savoie France  @ Fabrizio Malisan Photography -1046
Filmed with Canon camera equipment, 50mm f1/4 lenses which create a great filming look and shallow depth of field to the images.

Gorges de Ballandaz WM Val Vanoise Savoie France © Fabrizio Malisan Photography FMphotos.co.uk -1038.jpg

Fabulous Outdoor Walks by Fabrizio Malisan @fabulouSport on Instagram / Twitter



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Gorges de Ballandaz WM Fabulous-Outdoors Val Vanoise Savoie France-1045 (2)

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