Some of the best skies are in Autumn – Fabulous Outdoors

Autumn is the season known for it’s fog and mist. However, quite often the thermal wind blows up and down the valleys, clearing up the sky and leaving as to beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I’ll add to this post some more images, as now as I’m writing is just the beginning of that period of […]

Evening comes in the fields of #Piemonte #Italy

Situated at the foot of the Alps, this area of Piemonte is a beautiful land of natural contrasts. Colourful agricultural fields, surrounded by lakes, hills and mountains in the background.     The temperamental Spring weather, with still occasional snow falls on the surrounding mountains, creates continuous temperature changes. This generates a thermal wind effect, leaving […]

A stunning sunset over Box Hill Surrey UK

It’s a beautiful hill on the outskirts of London, where to go to spend a nice day out amongst nature. Come the evening, a beautiful spot to view the landscape and you’re lucky, a sunset like this one.    Get out more, as it’s  Fabulous Outdoors 

The sun sets on the “Sleeping Beauty”

We are in Piemonte Italy, north of Turin at the foot of the Alps. This region is called Canavese which is a beautiful landscape of lakes, hills and mountains that surrounds the town of Ivrea.   This mountain where the sun is setting in the photograph above, it’s called “La Bella Dormiente” (Sleeping Beauty) for […]

A beautiful sunset over the Surrey hills

It looked like it was going to be a beautiful evening with a clear sky, so I waited a bit longer and..this is the result. Quite pleased with this photo, I hope you like it too. Thanks for passing by and remember to get out more as.. it’s Fabulous Outdoors!