Wahoo Elemnt Cycling GPS Computer Test Review

After numerous frustrating attempts to connect my old Garmin Edge to the Garmin Connect website, I was after a different bike computer that provided a similar amount of data and functions. I was then recommended to take a look at the Wahoo products, and here’s my first thoughts on the Elemnt computer bundle. I’m not […]

How to get more views, traffic and followers on WordPress

When you start a blog on wordpress you might think that your posts and articles will get automatically visited, commented, liked and shared, but you soon realise that it doesn’t quite works that way. The most important thing is to have created a nice article or post with good content, so that your reader will […]

An afternoon in London

Tower Bridge London: I’m not much of a city person, but every time I go into London, I understand why people like it so much and travel from all over the world to come and visit it. There’s a particular atmosphere around the city. I like the contrast between the busy, everyday workers, blending in […]

Exploring the British countryside by bicycle..

Exploring the beautiful British countryside by bicycle, mostly Surrey and the Surrey Hills, sometimes also in Kent, West Sussex and surrounding areas.
Fabulous Outdoors

Evening Comes by St. Peters Church in South Croydon Surrey

St. Peters Church in South Croydon Surrey