Preparing food: Pasta sauce Norma

It’s a simple recipe, originally from Sicily, which includes tomato sauce and aubergines. 


I like using the Fusilli as they collect the sauce around them better than other types of pasta.

I cook it in a very simple way, without oil or butter, just chopping onions and cooking them slowly in a little bit of water. The aubergines go in next, cooking with the addition of tomato sauce, herbs and spices to taste.. Et voilá the dish is ready,

Buon Appetito!

Eat simple and clean, be active and feel good, it’s Fabulous Outdoors 

Nothing Like Fresh Vegetables From Your Garden..

It doesn’t matter if you’re vegetarian, vegan or meat eater.. the vegetables that you get freshly picked out of your garden are so much better. Of course, if you are vegetarian or vegan that’s even more important, you want to find the best quality veggies, as that’s your main substance, therefore having a garden to grow your own makes a big difference.
The colour, the smell, the taste.. nothing compares to it.
If you notice, wandering around in the fruit and vegetables section of a supermarket, there is no smell, you can pick up whichever and they all smell the same, or very little.
You can smell the flavours coming out of this basket of veggies just collected from the garden, from quite far, it’s amazing!
Let’s go to make a great mixed salad with it.. thanks for reading and Buon Appetito!
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Cycling through the British Countryside ..Met New Friends!

Out on the bike cycling through the beautiful British Countryside and met new friends ..Lambs!
They’re friendly and happy with me.. They probably can smell that I’m a vegan and won’t do anything to harm them.

Beautiful aren’t they? At least it makes me feel good to know that they won’t have to be killed for me to survive, and that’s another reason why I’ve decided to GoVegan about a year ago.
Very cute aren’t they? (iPhone photos)

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