Why We Cycle – A Cycling story by #FabulousOutdoors @fabulousport

Why We Cycle – A Cycling Story by Fabulous Outdoors @fabulousport
Music: Blizzards – Riot
Cyclist and narration by Emma Francis @emma_francis_m
Location: Bozel – Pralognan la Vanoise, French Alps.
A cycling story by Fabulous Outdoors:
“We often get asked Why We Cycle?

Cycling Up Mountains at Sunset
I thought I’d never see myself on a bike..
but I gave it a try …and it’s so much more!
It’s a journey, a travel experience..and on every ride there’s a new one.
It’s what you see, and how you perceive it.. you are outdoors with nature
and you’re taking in all it’s magical beauty..
the expansive landscapes, the small towns and villages..
the smell of the trees as you cycle throgh woodlands and forests..
the stunning mountains, that seem so big and far away.. and yet so close.
It’s you and your bike, feeling part of nature..
feeling happy and alive.
Somehow it feels like all the senses of your body are awakening,
to be part of this wonderland, and you feel like there’s a big world out there
waiting for you, and your bike, to go out.. to discover it all..
and to enjoy!
LIFE.. It’s Fabulous Outdoors!


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Dslr Video Test – Birdwatching common birds Goldfinches Sparrows – Fabulous Outdoors

While testing another Dslr Camera, I’ve made this short clip of birds filmed in northern Italy, birdwatching common birds like the sparrow and the goldfinch which are popular in the italian countryside.


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Wildlife Animals Nature Filming Tips Photography Tutorial Dslr Video Filmmaking Tutorials How to Film Capture Photograph in the woods

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Fabulous Outdoor Walks – Lac de la Rosiere

A short film about a lovely walk to see this beautiful mountain lake in the French Alps.
The ‘ Lac de la Rosiere ‘ is situated in Courchevel, Savoie France.

Lac de la Rosiere Courchevel Savoie France
Lac de la Rosiere Courchevel Savoie France

It’s easily accessible with a nice walk from the ski resort of Courchevel 1650, or even by car from the end of the winter season.

Filmed with Canon dslr camera equipment, using the Canon 50mm f/1.4 and the Tokina 11/16 f/2.8 wide angle for filming and photography.
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Fabulous Outdoor  Walks – Gorges de Ballandaz

A short film about a lovely walk to see this beautiful waterfalls in the French Alps. The Gorges de Ballandaz are situated in the Val Vanoise of Savoie.

Gorges de Ballandaz WM Val Vanoise Savoie France  @ Fabrizio Malisan Photography -1046
Filmed with Canon camera equipment, 50mm f1/4 lenses which create a great filming look and shallow depth of field to the images.

Gorges de Ballandaz WM Val Vanoise Savoie France © Fabrizio Malisan Photography FMphotos.co.uk -1038.jpg

Fabulous Outdoor Walks by Fabrizio Malisan @fabulouSport on Instagram / Twitter



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Gorges de Ballandaz WM Fabulous-Outdoors Val Vanoise Savoie France-1045 (2)

Road Cycling Shoes vs Mountain Bike Shoes – Tips for beginners @fabulouSport

How to choose your cycling shoes for the first time, whether to go for a pair of road cycling or mountain bike shoes. How Cycling Shoes Work. There is a difference in cleats and clipless pedals, and it is worth considering the ease of walking on the mountain bike ones or the precision of the road bike ones. If you are a beginner you have to consider buying equipment that helps you out, instead of performance professional equipment. With a pair of mountain bike shoes, you can walk easier, the pedals clip on both sides helping you to become more confident with that process. This video will help you understand the difference and the pros & cons of one choice over the other.


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Paris-Roubaix 2015 Cycling Classic @fabulousport



Paris Roubaix 2015 Cycling Classic Tours La Fuga Travel by @fabulouSport http://www.fabulousport.co.uk With this cycling tour we went to ride the cycling sportive Paris-Roubaix-Challenge and stayed to watch the pro race the following day. A great experience for the amateurs, riding the cobbles in wet conditions was a real challenge, then a beautiful sunny day for the professional cyclists which was also good to watch it properly and to take videos and photos.

Photography of the event will be added soon! See some images of the events on Flickr: https://flickr.com/photos/124113675@N03/sets/72157649643164514 

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DSLR Camera Canon 600D T3i Video Test Outdoors Filming Tips

DSLR Camera Canon 600D T3i Video Test Outdoors Filming Tips
Filmed outdoors on a beautiful Natural Reserve in the French Alps, by Annecy lake, accompanied by the sound of birds in a very peaceful place amongst the nature and wildlife.
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Most recent DSLR cameras include a video function to shoot and record films.
One of the aspects to be considered for filming with a DSLR camera is that most standard kit lenses don’t have the IS (Image Stabilisation), therefore if you film while moving, for example whilst walking or cycling, you’ll get a very shaky and blurry video.


We can still get great results out of our DSLR videos, avoiding common filming mistakes and by considering the following aspects:
– Using a tripod as much as possible, as without IS (Image Stabilisation), any movement of the camera, will result in a non pleasant and shaky video to watch.
– Use Manual Focus to get a more professional look to your video, focusing in and out to draw the vewer’s attention from further subjects to closer ones, or vice versa.
– Trying not to zoom in and out too much, and as slowly and smoothly as possible.
– Panning only with the camera on a tripod, or trying to be as level as possible and moving very smoothly.

Beautiful Natural Reserve in the French Alps

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