Best Vlogging Camera Setup 2018 Photography Filming Beginner Tips

There are a lot of cameras on the market, so it’s difficult to say which one is the best vlogging camera setup in 2018. All camera manufacturers could produce the perfect digital camera for vlogging, for Youtube, for filming, videomaking and so on.. ..But they won’t!


It’s a challenge trying to find what works best for you, which are your priorities when buying a new camera, and how you going to create your own setup for vlogging, for producing videos for Youtube or for your photography and filming projects.
If you already own a decent camera, try to see if you can create a DIY solution to compensate the lack of a specific function prior to get frustrated and keep searching the market for that best camera that actually, does not exist.

Photography Camera Products seen or used for this video:
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CANON EOS M5 Digital Camera



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Best Vlogging Camera Setup Photography Filming Beginner Tips Canon EOS M5 by Fabulous Outdoors
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Canon Powershot Sx 720 Hs Camera Review

Once the photography passion is in your veins, you can’t leave the house without a camera. Your professional or semi-professional camera equipment is just too heavy and bulky to carry around with you at all time. At the same time, the mobile phone isn’t just satisfying your photography needs, so you suddenly realise that the time of getting yourself a more portable camera has come. For this reason, I’ve tested a few compact cameras and in this blog post we give a closer look at the Canon Sx 720 Hs.

This camera’s caught my attention for quite a few aspects:

The 40x Zoom which is the equivalent of a 24-960mm zoom of a 35mm sensor camera – The very interesting medium-low price range, so it’s a lot of camera for the money – A good image quality regardless of  the small 1/2.3 inch sensor – The great advantages of having a camera always with you and that it can easily fit in your jeans pocket. Of course you can’t expect to have the same low light performance you have with a DSLR full frame or APS-c sensors, but that’s not the main reason you would have purchased this camera. As an outdoor sport’s professional, I need a small portable camera to shoot skiing, cycling, landscapes and travel, so mostly daylight photography. In this test it was actually a misty day with great sky and haze in the mountains, but the images captured are still of a pretty good quality.

See the YouTube video of our Photo Walk in the mountains:

Canon Sx 720 Hs Pocket Camera Quick Review Mountain Hiking Vlogging

Canon Sx 720 Hs Pocket Camera Quick Review Mountain Hiking Vlogging

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