Autumn is here #FabulousOutdoors

It is for most people, the best season of the year. Particularly, for those who are in love with nature. A walk in the woods with your dog in Autumn is a moment of active relaxation, all the colours enhance the beauty of nature. Thank you for passing by and reading this post! More images […]

Autumnal mushrooms РFabulous Outdoors 

The mushroom season is basically over in November but as the weather has been particularly mild all over Europe, nature gets confused whether to hibernate or to keep producing it’s gifts.     In fact, on a walk through the woods we bumped into a few mushrooms, most of which aren’t edible, but some like these […]

Australian shepherd dog

Spotted something..

A walk in the woods with a dog. It’s amazing how many more animals and wildlife you see.. every now and again the dog stops and points in the direction where those animals hide. The only problem is to be prepared with the camera to capture them, that’s the real challenge.

A Carpet of Bluebells in the woods on the Surrey Hills

A Carpet of Bluebells on the Surrey Hills

A Sea of Bluebells by a National Trust post in Kent UK

A walk arund Bough Beech Natural Reserve in Kent along a National Trust path admiring this see of bluebells.