A day with the Ibex – Bouquetins of Vanoise National Park #FabulousOutdoors

On today’s photo walk we came up to Champagny Le Haut, it’s part of the Parc National de la Vanoise, so we went for a walk up the valley with the hope to get to see some wildlife. The place is known.. people say they keep spotting deer, mountain goats.. so we went up hiking and.. it’s been […]

Here comes Spino the hedgehog 

I love wildlife..and this cute little animal came out as we were on walks in the Serra Morenica woods. It looked like he wanted to get noticed and photographed. We named it Spino.   Then he went for a siesta underneath a tree, so I’ve managed to film it too. Please come back shortly to […]

Australian shepherd dog

Spotted something..

A walk in the woods with a dog. It’s amazing how many more animals and wildlife you see.. every now and again the dog stops and points in the direction where those animals hide. The only problem is to be prepared with the camera to capture them, that’s the real challenge.

It’s too hot today! St.Bernard Dog

A beautiful St.Bernard dog relaxing underneath a tree in Corvara, Dolomites mountains of Italy. The weather has been beautiful for the whole week leading up to the Maratona dles Dolomites cycling event. Very warm temperatures well over 30*C even up here in altitude, great for getting out cycling from early in the morning. 

A walk with the dog in the woods

It’s so lovely and very relaxing going for a walk in the woods.     Taking your dog with you makes the walk even more interesting as the dog spots any wildlife, so that you can see more of it too.    Here’s our dog Kikka, constantly on alert, hearing sounds of wildlife in the […]