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Fabulousport specialises and enjoys sharing passion for the outdoors and the outdoor activity.
Some of the activities that we take part in are based in the UK, others in Italy or France.

Walking tour by Lake Como

With a good local knowledge of most active tourist locations in Italy and across the alps of France, and speaking fluently French and Italian, we offer tour guiding service to active tours companies, outdoor enthusiasts and to cycling events.

Cycling Tour Veneto italy
Cycling Tour in Veneto Italy

Some of the tours and activities I could help you  with are: Road cycling tours and skiing,                                                                                            but also horseback hacking, mountain biking and eventually windsurfing in Lake Garda or Sardinia


Horseback Riding in Italy
Horseback Riding in Italy

Having ridden motorcycles from a very young age and toured all over Europe, has given experience and knowledge for also guiding motorcycle tours.

fabulousport moto tours italian french alps
Motorcycle tour guiding in the Alps


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